Some More Amazing Music

This little nugget doesn’t necessarily touch me emotionally or make me dance or anything like that but it is an AMAZING version of a song I didn’t really like that much by an artist I’m also not so keen on but my god he has done amazing things with this! Enjoy!


Half Term is Finally Here!

I haven’t weighed in, that’s the first thing to get off my chest. I also haven’t tracked my calories for about  three weeks now, thats another thing off my chest. Finally, I haven’t been particularly good eating wise these last couple of weeks. Fruit and veg intake has been pants, water consumption also pants, consumption of junk and crap has been through the roof! I call it end of term munchies. It starts to creep up on me about two weeks before the end of term then goes full scale the week before and has a tendency to carry on through the holiday. I am going to do my best not to let it carry on through the actual holiday though as I don’t want to put back on the weight I have lost thus far. Luckily my boyfriend is on nights so evening meals can be minimised to correct portions and I can eat when I’m hungry and not just because it is tea time and I have two of us to consider. I also have a mountain of school work to keep me occupied!

I will be weighing in on Friday this week as I am out on the Saturday on a food and beer fest so I don’t think the scales will be kind if I weigh in on the Sunday! Here’s to a restful (ish!) half term of some (sort of!) lie in’s and some sofa surfing!

Week 4 (maybe 5!) Report

I’m not quite sure how it’s only a week 4 report as I have been back in school for 5 weeks so technically I’m sure it should be week 5 and I have lost a week somewhere! Anyway, it’s definitely week 5 of working my arse off and don’t I bloody well know it. 5 weeks of working every evening and all weekend, wow I am knackered and well ready for half term next week. Working through the holiday and then 6 more weeks of it after the holiday should finally get me caught up with it all though.
Weightloss wise I didn’t lose or gain this week, I have also not tracked my eating at all so no surprise on the lack of weightloss but it bodes well for me eventually maintaining my weight hopefully. Good eating things this week have been one day where I caved and  had some chocolate but got half way through and thought ‘I’ve had enough’ so stopped and put the rest in the fridge. Another day I went out and got my lunch, a HUGE sausage and bacon roll and the got home for my tea still stuffed from lunch and so settled on a bunch of grapes and a packet of crisps when I got peckish later.
I haven’t logged calories so far this week either but I’ve upped my fruit again and cut some crapy snacking again so hopefully it will see me a pound off this week to hit my half a stone target. 

A Band I’m Loving at the Moment and Going to See Live in March!!!!

Love love love these guys at the moment! I can’t wait to go and see them in March. They don’t necessarily move me emotionally but they make me want to dance like a crazy fool!

Introducing Disclosure

Week 4 Report

This week has been a week of illness, TONS of school work and not much else! I have had the worst cold, sore throat and sinusitis ever which is hanging about like a bad smell for the third week running. To make this even more fun my eye decided to also contract conjunctivitis mid way through and this is also hanging around. I am a holiday haven for viruses and bacteria at present however the holiday is over pathogens, so you need to board micro organism airways and feck off back to where you came from!

After my week of no weight loss I had a week of not logging and not really being particularly good but not going overboard. This seems to have paid off in a weird way though as I lost a pound this week. So I’m back on it today and it should be a decent week as my other half is on nights and I feel tons better this week so fingers crossed for a 2lb weight loss this week but I’ll take 1lb. This should then take me to half a stone in 5 weeks. Not bad going really and a tenth of the way to target!

In other news…….oh yeah thats right, I don’t have any because I have so much bloody school work to do that I currently don’t have time for a bloody life. Grrrrrrrrr! Roll on half term in two weeks!

Week 3 Report

Despite eating less calories then either of the two previous weeks I unfortunately didn’t lose any weight this week. I’m not sure why but I have been totally full of a cold this week and I now also have conjunctivitis so I think I am really run down. Even though I felt like I wanted to curl up and just sleep by Friday I pushed myself on, got my lesson planning done on Friday night. I had a horrible nights sleep Friday night. I kept waking up because I couldn’t breathe so I woke up really early on Saturday morning and got up and wrote a BTEC assignment. As a result of this it meant I could have Saturday evening off and a whole day not doing school work today, which has been lovely!

I’m not going to let the lack of weight loss this week throw me off the wagon. I need to appreciate that this is a long process and there are going to be some weeks that are not as good as others!

A Band I’m Loving at the Moment

I wasn’t sure about these guys when I first heard them but I gave them another go and I am soooo glad I did. Love them! Their album is brilliant.

Please let me introduce London Grammar

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